9 thoughts on “Too Busy to Blog … so watch this:

  1. ?? Burritos are commonly only tucked on one end. That’d be the down end. Also commonly tucked on both ends though, as you point out.

    Plus, these could have started out double-tucked, but with one end gone we can’t tell anymore.

    But crucially, we agree they’re not tacos, except maybe in the Minnesotan culture.

  2. First of all, there is no such thing as a freakin’ wrap.

    Regarding the taco thing, here’s how it works.

    So,you’re in Minnesota and your spouse calls home and says “do you want me to pick up something for dinner, or did you already make something.”

    And you say, “Why don’t you pick up something”

    And your spouse says, “I’ll get stuff to make tacos,”

    And you say, “OK, cool.”

    Then later you are eating these things (see video).

    There is the emic, then there is the etic.

  3. “First of all, there is no such thing as a freakin’ wrap.”

    I’m glad we got that much cleared up.

    “Then later you are eating these things (see video).”

    So , smiling broadly, you then say: “Great burritos, dear. Best I’ve ever had.”

    Then everything is clear for the future.

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