I Told the Truth To a Priest

I was not a practicing Catholic any longer by the time I was twenty-five. I was “living in sin,” meaning I was not married to my partner at the time. I was not going to Confession to confess my sins, and I certainly didn’t feel the need for absolution. I didn’t accept any longer the fact that a man had come to earth to die under torture by the Romans to be resurrected and give me a channel to be okay with the Creator.

I don’t have an Easter Message for you, but Mike does…

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5 thoughts on “I Told the Truth To a Priest

  1. Me, I tell Catholics who ask that I’m an apostate. That captures that I was once considered Catholic and that I’ve abandoned all of their core beliefs. Plus it makes them run to figure out what the difference is between a regular non-Catholic and an apostate.

  2. I was raised Catholic, but nowadays I just see it as one of many religions that I don’t believe in, so I call myself an atheist. This has the advantage that it’s the most offensive term of all to most religious types, so we get that out of the way up front. “Apostate” has a nice ring to it too, though.

    “Lapsed” is certainly not strong enough, and falsely implies the possibility of return. “Recovering” is popular, and cute, but no — I think I’ve recovered.

  3. The first time I told the truth to a priest about my unbelief in Jesus (although I was still a deist at the time) was a few weeks before my wedding.

    His sermon during the ceremony was all about how evil people like me were and how we should all be destroyed in the name of his loving Jesus.

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