10 thoughts on “Which kind of Internet Commenter are You?

  1. I’m Mr. Science, of course, with a tad of “Non-Believer” and “Political Activist” thrown in.

    I was disappointed their first example of Mr. Science in the wild was a AGW denialist, though. The second example was perfect: Someone lecturing a length about how the LHC is not going to destroy the universe. That is exactly me, because I’m reading the comment saying, “Well yeah, the guy is right! what’s wrong with that!” heh….

  2. Technically you do produce water, just… explosively.

    I’m #8, sometimes #5. On rare occasions (specific circumstances) I’m #6.

  3. This article is obviously a fake. If you look closely at the URL you can see that it contains the letter “w” which is a well known symbol of the Illuminati. Anyway, I can’t understand why people are getting worked up about internet commenters when they still haven’t caught KONY!!

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