3 thoughts on “Gingrich Campaign Signals Shutdown

  1. Newt has been quite helpful in taking down Santorum and Romney and so I think those supporting Obama and the Democratic party more generally should be cheering him on.

    If he’s out its a shame as he won’t be taking votes off Santorum (& Romney) anymore.

    Mind you, it isn’t like we didn’t see this coming – its been clearly a Santorum-Vs Romney race for a while now and whilst Mittens is almost certainly going to win the nomination – barring something extraordinary – Obama is just going to absolutely steamroller him in the main contest for the presidency now. Surely?

    Seeing as Mittens “etch-a-sketch” Rmoney is having such a struggle winning over his own side, how the blazes is he going to win over anyone else? Ditto even more so for Mr Frothymix who only appeals to a very narrow (& narrow-minded) demographic right?

    Shame really, out of the three main Republican contenders I think Newton Gingrich was the least dislikeable and most pragmatically tolerable.

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