Gingrich Campaign Signals Shutdown

The Gingrich Campaign is suddenly cutting one third of its full-time staff and swapping out its campaign manger. They are out of money.

“We’re readying the campaign for the convention floor,” Hammond said, citing the campaign’s commitment to stay in the race until the end.

Yeah, we’ll see.

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3 thoughts on “Gingrich Campaign Signals Shutdown

  1. Newt has been quite helpful in taking down Santorum and Romney and so I think those supporting Obama and the Democratic party more generally should be cheering him on.

    If he’s out its a shame as he won’t be taking votes off Santorum (& Romney) anymore.

    Mind you, it isn’t like we didn’t see this coming – its been clearly a Santorum-Vs Romney race for a while now and whilst Mittens is almost certainly going to win the nomination – barring something extraordinary – Obama is just going to absolutely steamroller him in the main contest for the presidency now. Surely?

    Seeing as Mittens “etch-a-sketch” Rmoney is having such a struggle winning over his own side, how the blazes is he going to win over anyone else? Ditto even more so for Mr Frothymix who only appeals to a very narrow (& narrow-minded) demographic right?

    Shame really, out of the three main Republican contenders I think Newton Gingrich was the least dislikeable and most pragmatically tolerable.

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