9 thoughts on “Adrienne Rich has Died

  1. In the diary torn from my fingers I had written:
    What does love mean
    what does it mean “to survive”
    A cable of blue fire ropes our bodies
    burning together in the snow We will not live
    to settle for less We have dreamed of this
    all of our lives

    -Adrienne Rich, Phantasia for Elvira Shatayev
    from The Dream of a Common Language

  2. It seems that the only evidence for Rich’s being “overtly and vocally transphobic” are passages from Janice Raymond’s book “The Transexual Empire”. Is there other evidence of her being “overtly and vocally transphobic”?

  3. She was involved with the Raymond book, and never, in the decades she had to do so, refuted that hateful piece of filth.

  4. Yes, she was involved with the Raymond book. Are there other instances of her being “overtly and vocally transphobic”?

  5. It’s a straightforward question: what evidence is there, aside from her involvement with the Raymond book, that Adrienne Rich was transphobic?

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