Running an Effective Political Campaign

I have participated in Minnesota Democratic Party (officially known as the DFL1) activities in the past, but never as intimately as this year. In doing so, I’ve observed a number of very interesting things about how a political campaign works, and I’d like to share those observations with you. In particular, I’ll contrast the campaign I’m volunteering for whenever I have a chance (Sharon Sund for US Congress) with the opposing campaign (Brian Barnes for US Congress).

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2 thoughts on “Running an Effective Political Campaign

  1. Wow. Washington State is much easier: we have a “Top Two” primary system that is effectively non-partisan, with candidates expressing a “party preference” and the two two vote getters moving on to the general election. The only exception to this is the Presidential candidate, who is selected by the national convention and thus is irrelevant under state law.

    I have a friend who’s running as an independent for the Washington House of Representatives. I will be sure to send him a link to your video.

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