freeDOS site redesign

Click Here to explore freeDOS’s new site design, now in testing stage. I think it looks much much better than the old site and is noticeably more functional. It is actually a good model for other similar software supporting sites. The thing I like about it most is that you need to do very little work to find out what the heck the software is, if, why, and how one might install it, and what you can use it for . I would add a single sentence or two to the context material, but otherwise it looks nearly done.

i-d9e186f11361ae0a0eeafc7fb7239142-7-14-2010-2-12-53-PM-thumb-280x179-73431.pngWhile you are there, visit the bottom of the page to find links to the freeDOS facebook page and twitter feed.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about here at all, that’s OK. Just move along. Nothing for you to see here. But just remember. The world wasn’t always the way it was when you found it.

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3 thoughts on “freeDOS site redesign

  1. That reminds me – I haven’t been to the FreeDOS site since JH handed over the reins. I’m amazed at the work people still do under that system.

  2. It’s tempting to load that on an old laptop just for the hell of it – If I still had my old BBS software I’d even load that – I started with DOS 3.0 (I know late to the game) 🙂 Just looked over at a bookshelf and yup there’s my old MS-DOS Batch File Programming text –

  3. Well, they didn’t totally destroy the usefulness or my eyes with the redesign, which is what usually happens with a redesign (whether it is a UI or a web site). They are already ahead of the game in that respect.

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