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Belvedere vodka ad is highly questionable

Or, should I say … was highly questionable, as I believe it was pulled very quickly after the consumer reaction to it.

The ad showed what looked more or less like a rape in progress, sort of, or at least a guy being a real jerk and a women being visible terrified by him, with the caption “Unlike some people … Belvedere always goes down smoothly.”

I’m told they make good Vodka, but really, Vodka is just ethanol with some water. Not that I’m recommending ethanol, but you might want to lay off the Belvedere for a few weeks (if you are a regular Vodka drinker) and let them see a dip in their sales. If corporations actually were really people, you could just slap it upside the head, but since they are not, speaking with your feet, as it were, is in order.

Hat tip Asha. Here’s the source.

A DFL Walking Caucus

This is what a Democratic Party Walking Caucus looks like. It is a thing we do in Minnesota. It is so arcane and complicated that the press never covers it, so no one has any idea that we are doing this to select our nominees for political office. We have a fake “primary” at the beginning of the process, and that is what the press reports, but the “primary” result has nothing to do with the outcome of the process.

In this particular caucus, in my State Senate District, one of the main issues was selecting delegates for US Congress. In this race, Sharon Sund‘s team more or less wiped the floor with her opponent, Brian Barnes, even though the politics and demographics here would have suggested a more even outcome.

Prior to that event, there was a very interesting race between a member of the infamous Anoka-Hennepin School Board and a local teacher for State Senate. The former was well connected politically and had a well organized campaign, the latter an impassioned argument and a homey family-run campaign. The former wiped the floor with the latter.

And that is more evidence of the press’s failings. Anoka-Hennepin School district politics was interesting enough this year to get a write-up in Rolling Stone, but one of the outcomes, that particular political contest, was inaccessible to the press because, again, the press can’t really handle the complexity of Minnesota DFL party politics. (Nor can most Minnesotans, actually.)

Obamacare vs. The Affordable Health Care Act

I was recently at a political debate in which one of the debaters, Brian Barnes, said he did not like the term “Obamacare,” lamented that the Republicans are better at coming up with catch phrases than we Democrats are, and suggested that instead of “Obamacare” we call it “The Affordable Healthcare Act.” The person debating against him, Sharon Sund, didn’t really agree or disagree.

As a side note I’ll mention that one of the reasons we have this health care is because of the tireless activism of lots of people including Sharon. Thanks Sharon.

Obamacare Baby Suit

Anyway, I always liked “Obamacare” as a term … I wanted to take that term right from the hands of the Republicans from the beginning. In fact, I made Obamacare Baby Suits and Adult Tee-Shirts, though nobody bought any from me. (Click here to rectify this situation).

And today, I got an email from Barack and Joe: They want to take back the term Obamcare and use it to refer to the Affordable Health Care Act.

Most people eventually catch up to my blog … took two years this time, though, that’s kinda long.