Westboro Moves In To Sponsor Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh. Why hasn't the Republican Party and Fox News denounced him? Do they plan to go down with him, or on him, in coming months?

Rush Limbaugh is the spokesperson for the 35 to 45% of America that is right wing, and he is the spokesperson for the Republican Party.

He is insane, the people he speaks for are batshit crazy, and the lockstep GOP does exactly what he tells them to do, without exception. Most of us would prefer to see Limbaugh and his followers shipped off to some other land because we really don’t want them or need them here. But, they do buy stuff so Limbaugh;s over the top offensive and idiotic show has a lot of sponsors.

Or did, anyway. As you know, recently, Limbaugh jumped the shark and went so overboard in his senseless, mean spirited and verbally offensive and violent attack on a fellow citizen who was merely speaking her mind (which is mostly still legal in this country despite the efforts of the aforementioned 34 – 45% batshit crazy faction to see otherwise), and those advertisers left him when the rest of the country told them that we’ve had enough the idiot.

Batshit Crazy Lady from Wesboro Baptist Church. I still haven't seen organized religion deal with their own. Why not?

And that is when Westboro Baptist Church moved in to buy an ad spot for its “God Hates Fags” campaign. The church has made the claim that Limbaugh and Wesboro Baptist have some sort of link. This does not surprise.

Apparently, the company that owns Limbaugh’s show has stepped in and refused to take the offensive drek that Westboro had proposed to air on Limbaugh’s failing show.

Raw Story has details.

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6 thoughts on “Westboro Moves In To Sponsor Rush Limbaugh

  1. In the Westboro ad rant that is in ‘rawstory’, it mentions that if you have a child out of wedlock – you might be a slut. I guess they had to say ‘might’ as Shirley Lynn Phelps had her first born out of wedlock. If it didn’t say ‘might’, then she would have to admit she is a SLUT !! They are such dispicable ‘christians’. They don’t even desereve to be capitalized ‘christians’.

  2. Oh, how I wish they would have left them advertise on his show.

    So many of the right wing is overtly patriotic and I could literally see heads exploding when the ‘thank god for dead soldiers’ spot aired. His listeners may agree with hating homosexuals, but they fetish soldiers, especially the dead ones. It would be worth broadcasting that bile just to see the horrific fall out.

  3. triamacleod wrote: “… they fetish soldiers, especially the dead ones …”

    Of course only as long as the soldiers aren’t homosexual or non-Christian, and preferably aren’t female or non-white. 😉

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