KONY 2012 2.0

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Jason Russell, the maker of Koney 2012, has been arrested …

… for allegedly being drunk in public, vandalizing cars and masturbating, NBC San Diego reported Friday afternoon.

Jason Russell, 33, a filmmaker, was reportedly acting strangely when police picked him up off Ingraham Street in San Diego around noon on Thursday. Officers claim he was seen undressing as he ran through traffic, screaming all the way. Russell did not try to resist officers, the report notes, and was sent to a medical facility for treatment. It is not yet clear what substance he was on, if any.

Raw Story has the raw story.

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2 thoughts on “KONY 2012 2.0

  1. There isn’t much that would be a good time for a public breakdown, but this is particularly bad timing, after his organization’s fame just skyrocketed.

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