6 thoughts on “Anne Coulter Has No Eyes

  1. Yes, she did say that a problem with the Republican Party, which the Democrats seem to have solved, is politicians making tons of money after no longer being candidates.

    I liked how she wishes that Republican candidates would stop writing books and going on lecture tours after their failed campaigns. They should leave the field for her.

  2. Brush most of her hair over her face and she could be the Ghost Girl in an Asian horror flick.

    (Dammit Greg–do I have to show this clip to someone else now or die in seven days?)

  3. Interesting that she points out that the Democrats have a type of party discipline that the Republicans don’t. I had not thought of that. The question is, will that win elections?

  4. Apparently Anne Coulter is backing Mittens Rmoney, er, Romney.

    Why would the Republicans want a brokered convention and some body, *anybody* new?

    Answer : Because even they can see what a bunch of losers the current mob running in the 2012 GOP freakshow are. They must be realklydesperate by now for better and I almost feel sorry for them looking at what they’ve got. (Until I recall some of their policies anyhow.)

    Mitt Romney is their still most likely but less likely than he ever looked before, begrudging “If we really must” candidate. Mitten’s seems to have absolutely nobody enthused and with his apparent total lack of charm and pizzazz, it ain’t too hard to see why. He’s supposed to be electable and is sold (almost?) solely on that basis but he can’t even convince his own party to support him so how is he going to get non Republicans enthralled? As Ultra-Deep Cover Liberal Newt Gingrich noted if you keep coming in third you’re not much of a front runner.

    Speaking of Newt and Anne what great Ultra Deep Cover Liberals they’ve both been – thanks Ms Coulter for your Poe to end all Poes. More thanks, a big muchos gracios too to Newton G, nice entertaining spoiling run by you here taking out the santorum that is named Santorum – thank the lawd! – and politically mortally wounding Mittens simultaneously.

    As for oddball Paul.He’s still around? Still thinking there’s apoint to him being technically though not realistically in this race. Yeesh.

    Yeah, I don’t think the Republicans ever truly thought they could ever win in 2012 – and I think the field of contenders they picked to sally forth just proves it.

    Isn’t it possible though if one side in this political race just cannot find anyone decent to run for them for them to just conceede and say as much rather than going through this whole rigmarole? It was briefly, morbidly entertaining but ha slong since gone past that into bitter, ugly farce and time the curtain fell.

  5. I work with eating disorder patients and there is some serious anorexia going on there. this is off the topic, I know. But she probably has some serious emotional issues

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