“By the authority invested in me by the GOP base, I thee rape.”

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Next week. Doonesbury, the cartoon, will be addressing transvaginal ultrasounds that will be foisted on certain women by order of the government. Apparently, there are some newspapers that are on board with this institutional rape, and rather than allow criticism of it, they will not show those Doonesbury ads. One of our local papers, the Pioneer Press, is among them. I will be cancelling my subscription in the morning.

Oh, wait, I already don’t subscribe to that one.

Anyway, those of you who know the Twin Cities will not be surpassed that the Star Tribune, the Minneapolis paper, is apparently unphased by touchy issues, while the Pioneer Press is.

Hat tip to Biodork for the news. I assume she’ll be blogging about it at some point. There is a report here, which gives more details.

Is your local paper dropping the ball on this? And if so, what are you going to do about it?

That phrase, the title of this post, is a line from the comics some, but not all, of us will be seeing in our local papers next week.

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5 thoughts on ““By the authority invested in me by the GOP base, I thee rape.”

  1. I don’t think Trudeau – the Doonesbury cartoonist – went over the line in stating the truth – but if he did the Republican ‘medically-rape-abortion-seekers” proposals sure got there first.

    Why is writing about that, putting it in comic form unacceptable whereas the republican proposed laws themselves are fine?

    When you think about it doesn’t this say something about how shockingly terrible the Republican anti-women coathanger lobby is actually being here that mere mention of it is so offensive?

  2. Wait, you’re in Minnesota too? I must say, while the Internet seems to be lacking in us, free thought blogs seems to have them in abundance! To you and PZ I say, “That’s not to bad ya know!”

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