What do you want to ask the candidates?

In particular, what do you want to ask them pertaining to science? For instance, the following questions have recently been proposed:

  • What organization(s) or individual(s) is/are your primary source(s) for scientific information?
  • With the overwhelming body of evidence for both evolution and climate change, why do you still not believe that both are true?
  • Why do you oppose drug decriminalization when science and practical experience in Portugal support it?
  • How can we use research, science and technology to help reduce the costs and improve the quality of health care?

These and many other questions have been proposed here, at ScienceDebate.org. You can go to that site and vote on the questoins or propose your own.


The Top Science Questions Facing America: 2012 Edition

What do YOU think are the top science questions the candidates for president should answer? We’ve posted the original 14 from 2008, preceded by their question numbers, and users have added others. Vote for those you feel are most important, add comments, or add your own! Check back often to vote on the new questions.

A suggestion: look at the questions we asked the candidates in 2008 and craft your question in a similar way. We’re not interested in quizzing candidates on the 4th digit of pi or the particulars of cell mitosis. We want to know their positions on the big science and engineering policy questions that affect all our lives. The questions we will consider most successful will probe the candidates on the important issues of our day around science.

Some rules: Post questions, not statements. Categorize your question. Don’t be redundant with existing questions. Don’t spam the forum or use it to grind political axes. Be respectful. Use comments to discuss questions, not to answer them.

If you are a blogger, please put a pointer to this on your blog!

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One thought on “What do you want to ask the candidates?

  1. Obama definitely should be put on the spot to make a commitment to listening to scientists.
    The Republican Presidential Circus looks likely to end with unelectable Romney running, so we shouldn’t relax but keep track of them.
    However we should be after our Senators and Congressman to get on board with reality.

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