Open Position: Climate Wiki Intern

A small non-profit concerned with climate change is seking a “Climate Wiki Intern” which sounds very interesting. Knowing that many of my readers would be very good at this, It thought it was worth a blog post to point you in this direction:

Climate Wiki Intern

Posted by: The Heartland Institute
Posted date: Mar-05-12
Location: Chicago

Responsibilities: The internship will involve a wide variety of online communication responsibilities, including writing and researching original articles, data entry, and basic “wiki” programming. Specific tasks include:

Click here to read the full description.

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2 thoughts on “Open Position: Climate Wiki Intern

  1. Wait until the interview:

    What are your thoughts on climate change?

    Do you believe the science is settled when it comes to anthropogenic global warming?

    Do you think as a society we need to stop using oil and coal?

    For my money, unless your answers are a close variation of “It doesn’t exist”, “No”, and “No”, you won’t stand a chance of getting hired.

    They are looking for someone who believes what they want them to believe.

    Since there’s no pay (“intern” = no pay), it will take a true believer to get the position filled. Who works for no pay? True believers.

  2. It’s by the Heartland institute though, who are just a little skeptical about catastrophic man-made climate change.

    Which probably explains why it’s an intern job. Pro-AGW organisations get funding!

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