11 thoughts on “Bill Maher Jumps Shark, Destroys Own Credibility

  1. Maher is so far out on this that I wonder if he has been paying attention. “liberals” have not been asking for an apology. His resignation is th only acceptable outcome.

  2. Cross post from Lousy Canuck:

    I can see where he’s coming from here. After 9/11, this same shit was pulled on him and from some of the things he’s said over the years I don’t think he just laughed it off. Probably he’s a bit sour on advertiser boycotts in general.
    That having been said, when Sean Hannity is agreeing with you on Twitter it might be worth rethinking your position.
    Also Rush Limbaugh is a much bigger asshole by several orders of magnitude. I won’t bash a (sometimes) fellow traveller while such true menace is abroad in the land.

  3. Destroyed his credibility – is that what you call splitting the atom?

    Limbaugh only apologized to attenuate consequences, not as a precursor to making a genuine personal change. Maher’s smart enough to know the difference. Well, I’d expect so.

  4. I know Bill can be an enormous idiot, and this tweet supports that again.
    But you should do some research and then understand he doesn’t actually have sponsors as his show is on HBO.
    He actually bragged about that last weekend. And you know, I like his show. 3 weeks ago Al Sharpton was there. Again someone I have major disagreements with. I cheered him on that show when he said in no uncertain terms that rights (like marriage for LGBT) are not things you determine by popular vote.

    I consider it a badge of honour that I have a major disagreement with most if not all of the people I consider my heroes. Now Bill does not make the top 10 of my heroes, but I do see him as a force of mostly good. Even for women’s rights btw! He has been unrelenting the last few shows on the republican war on women.

    So in this case he’s an idiot. I understand where he’s coming from, as he has been kicked off shows as well in the past. So we should criticize him, hard. And then mention that his show is actually worth watching most of the time.

  5. Anonymous, thanks for the link to Jason’s post, I had not seen it yet.

    Konradiouis: ” he doesn’t actually have sponsors as his show is on HBO.”

    My statement was ironic. I’m not interested in taking any action regarding Maher other than calling him an idiot for thinking that people really wanted Limbaugh to apologize and make nice. Limbauch is a rabid dog. There is not apologizing. He simply needs to go away.

    I still like Maher, and as you point out, disagreement is inevitable. If we totally write off everyone we disagree with (or who disagrees with at some point) we would all be very lonely, spending most of our time writing blog posts and comments on blog posts and reading other people’s blog posts and comments on blog po….

    hey, wait a minute!

  6. *hattip to Greg*
    Disagreements are not even just inevitable. I think we’re on the right track when we discuss everything, disagree hard, and then close ranks when we’re faced with something we can all agree on.
    I hated Hitchins position on the Iraq war, I disagree with Harris’ view on ‘spirituality’ and possibly free will, I dislike Dawkins passage about how we’re all so special with our special set of genes.
    And I stress those disagreements whenever someone tries to imply we’re just like religionists walking in lockstep but to a different tune.
    So, I’m not on twitter, did he get good disagreeing reply tweets?

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