10 thoughts on “How to take care of those pesky demonstrators

  1. Drat! I was hoping for a REAL vortex shooter, not some piss-ant poison-spray focuser. Who remembers the shaped-pit/dynamite wirbelwerfer that could de-wing a small airplane, except it was impossible to aim? W.W.Woods had a sledgehammer-powered vortex gun that would knock hats off, a century ago. My grandchildren have elastic-band-and-membrane things that can tickle your dace from ten feet. Negative progress!

  2. Had one of those Wham-o Air Blasters as a kid.

    So now the FIRST resort of the cops in reaction to free speech is weaponry.

  3. Oh good, another pistol shaped weapon for cops to carry on their belts, we’ve never had mistakes with those before.

  4. Well it beats firing live ammo into the crowd doesn’t it?

    Non-lethal weaponry certainly has its advantages and uses.

  5. Yeah…. Because American police officers have a great history of using nonlethal weapons only in place of firearms and not much much more often in many more situations…

  6. Except that the problem with “less than lethal” weaponry (it’s not non-lethal) is that people seem far more inclined to use it.

    It would take some fair provocation and imminent threat of violence to use firearms on an unruly crowd, but pepper spray launchers and tasers? That just takes one cop having a bad day.

  7. Somehow I expected this to be narrated by GlAdos, and bear the label, Aperture Science. We do what we must because we can.

    But then maybe this is from Black Mesa.

  8. I’m looking forward to accidental misuse that winds up peeling off peoples’ eyelids.

    ok, not really. The entire panoply of ‘non-lethal’ tools has a clear history of abuse, misuse, accident and should be re-thought. Also, what’s the cost for all these extra toys?

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