13 thoughts on “Just saw Jessica Ahlquist speak.

  1. I’m not sure what’s been recorded vs. not. I’ll surely be blogging about many of the talks and events at this conference. It has just been so busy and at the end of the day, tiring, so I’ve been live blogging it (plus I had a cold) but I’ll catch everyone up soon.

  2. I had a cold

    Hope you get well soon Greg.

    Also please elaborate further and let us know more – ideally a recording of Ms Ahlquist speaking – when you’re feeling better, please.

  3. I was there for Jessica’s talk, and I can attest that it was a powerhouse, though very simple. First, she gave a couple of YouTube examples of the insane fundie behavior that she had to endure day after day in court. But what really brought down the house were the messages she read to us from some of her peers who had once mocked and bullied her, but over time, came to see that she was right. Her bravery and willingness to take an unpopular stand made a mind-changing difference to some of her peers, and you could feel the impact that had on the room. Me personally, I choked up when she told us that, to this day, she must endure having the Pledge of Allegiance, as she put it, “used as a weapon” against her in home room, with the words ‘under God’ mockingly emphasized. She no longer stands for the pledge.

    I was at the Friday and Saturday sessions, but not able to go to today’s final talks. (So, I’m missing PZs talk, dammit.) This was the first major free thought event I’ve ever attended. It will not be my last.

  4. I would like to have seen that (if only I’d have taken the vacation to Orlando this weekend, rather than last). I can only imagine the well-deserved applause she received.

  5. I’m assuming this was in Orland this weekend. I was in town for a different conference and left Friday morning. Thurs evening, I was in the lobby to see if anyone I knew was down there when I stumbled upon the meet-n-greet. Glad to have at least shaken her hand and meet David. Also was good to meet a number of other wonderful people. If I had known that was going on, I would’ve planned to stay. However I had already made other plans that weekend.

  6. All the talks were recorded – I know this because people kept having to be reminded to use the microphone because the talks were being recorded. I assume they’ll all be online at some point.

    Jessica was great.

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