6 thoughts on “Obama’s Conspiracy Against Guns

  1. I happen to be a lukewarm member, for the purpose of entering in the local competitive leagues around where I live, and the emails I get a couple times a week are wonderful sources of both wacky conspiracy-mongering and sleazy appeals to raise as much money as possible. Their ‘Grassroots News Minutes’ in particular get me; I’m reasonably sure a top-down pronouncement of ‘this law is bad and so is this one write your congressman and give us money’ is not exactly ‘grassroots.’ Above all, though, I think they’ve got the technique down for making things as black-and-white, us-vs.-them as well as any group I’ve ever seen. Every law is a ‘gun ban,’ any idea for registration is a ‘scheme,’ “irony quotes” abound, and every single event profiled is either ‘pro-freedom’ or ‘anti-freedom.’ There is no middle ground of any kind allowed. Any law or bill that would curtail the ability of anyone at any timeto buy as many firearms as they want with no questions asked is a liberal Democratic gun-ban scheme to destroy your Second Amendment freedoms and pave the way to European socialism. There is a reason why I make sure to distance myself from crazies like these when people talk to me about my involvement in shooting sports.

  2. I hear this same crap at least once per election cycle, if not more often. Sometimes from otherwise reasonable and liberal folks. It wierds me up.

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