In case anybody wants to get PZ Myers a present

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Pharyngula’s PZ Myers has a penchant for certain sorts of creatures. It would be really fun to hand him one of these full of hot cocoa:

PZ would probably like the one on the lower left. The one on the upper right actually happened to me once, but it was a toilet instead of a cup.

You can get them here, they are ON SALE!

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3 thoughts on “In case anybody wants to get PZ Myers a present

  1. These are adorable! Almost 40 years ago my son had a similar mug with a bright green frog in the bottom, posed so that the first thing that appeared as he sipped and the level of milk descended was black goggling eyes.

  2. I’ve seen one with a cockroach in the bottom. Even knowing it was just pottery I couldn’t drink out of it! And of course there’s the smiley face at the local ‘Muffin Break’.

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