12 thoughts on “One Percenter Is Jerk To Waitress

  1. A banker is telling someone who works hard to get a real job? Isn’t their job to steal our money and then steal our tax money to bail themselves out?

  2. Tsk. All that money spent on meals, and this banker has never once been served an entrée that wasn’t at least 33% phlegm.

  3. “Get a real job” coming from someone who pushes around little pieces of paper for a living? The guy has probably never busted a sweat in his life. Get real.

  4. I’d want that guy to come back into my restaurant. I’d tell the wait staff to get creative with what they put into his food.

  5. Unfortunately, he’ll never go there again.

    It would have been so much better if he went back and was thrown out.

    And what the fuck is with the redacting? “oooh, we can’t mention his name because he is a rich guy.” Every one of them is kissing ass.

  6. I’d tell the wait staff to get creative with what they put into his food.

    I’ve worked in restaurants.

    Nobody in that kitchen is waiting on a manager’s permission.

  7. Unfortunately, he’ll never go there again.

    Maybe not, but people than the restaurant waitstaff know who he is now. So he’s going to need to tip beyond standard in advance from now on if he’s smart.

  8. The receipt has now been shown to be a hoax. The restaurant found the original, which is for $33, not $133, has a 20% tip, and no note.

  9. Just to remind people about wait staff: some of these people are attending college. that makes them snobs in training. So the banker in this story may have been helping her to fully realize her own snobbery.

  10. So now you and Peter Gleick can claim to have something in common: both being taken in by a hoax.

    Of course, Gleick would be lying, but we know very well that his scientific ethics allow him to do that without compunction.

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