Virginia Legislature Passes Abusive Anti-Abortion Law

From Slate:

This week, the Virginia state Legislature passed a bill that would require women to have an ultrasound before they may have an abortion.

Since the vast majority of abortions happen early in pregnancy, the procedure will usually require vaginal penetration with a machine, as opposed to the nice non-invasive goop-on-the-stomach method of ultrasound.

What’s more, a provision of the law that has received almost no media attention would ensure that a certification by the doctor that the patient either did or didn’t “avail herself of the opportunity” to view the ultrasound or listen to the fetal heartbeat will go into the woman’s medical record. Whether she wants it there or not. I guess they were all out of scarlet letters in Richmond.

Southern Man, you’ve got to hand your power over to someone else because you’re doing it wrong.

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5 thoughts on “Virginia Legislature Passes Abusive Anti-Abortion Law

  1. It just dawned on me that any physician, especially one involved in women’s health, is going to know the week by week progress of fetal development. It would still be unethical but the doctor could simply be required TELL the patient the stats on what a fetus looks like, say, at week seven or whatever. The sonograms in these situations PROVIDES NO MEDICAL INFORMATION if the woman has decided she wants an abortion.

  2. I’m sure The Handmaid’s Tale was meant to be dystopian fiction, not a manifesto. It seems some people haven’t realised… 🙁

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