2011 LinuxQuestions.org Members Choice Award Winners

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The following is a subset of the LinuxQuestionsDotOrg’s Members’ Choice Awards:

Desktop Distribution of the Year – Ubuntu (21.83%)
Server Distribution of the Year – Debian (31.15%)
Mobile Distribution of the Year – Android (69.43%)
Database of the Year – MySQL (49.54%)
NoSQL Database of the Year – Cassandra and MongoDB (26.23% each) <- first MCA TIE Office Suite of the Year - LibreOffice (81.01%) Browser of the Year - Firefox (56.60%) Desktop Environment of the Year - KDE (33.01%) Window Manager of the Year - Openbox (15.90%) ... some stuff I don't care about ... Audio Authoring Application of the Year - Audacity (77.46%) Video Media Player Application of the Year - VLC (60.92%) Video Authoring Application of the Year - FFmpeg (34.32%) Graphics Application of the Year - GIMP (72.08%) ... some stuff I don't care about ... Text Editor of the Year - vim (31.21%) File Manager of the Year - Dolphin (24.63%) Open Source Game of the Year - Battle for Wesnoth (18.70%) Programming Language of the Year - Python (29.48%) Revision Control System of the Year - git (58.73%) Backup Application of the Year - rsync (37.35%) Open Source CMS/Blogging Platform of the Year - WordPress (48.62%) Configuration Management Tool of the Year - Puppet (54.55%) Open Source Web Framework of the Year - Django (32.38%) Media Center of the Year - XBMC (47.76%)


The detailed breakdown for each category is HERE.

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1 thought on “2011 LinuxQuestions.org Members Choice Award Winners

  1. Some of my personal favorites are Fedora with Gnome 2, gedit, and C++/Java. I do quite a bit of multi-platform simulation programming as well as gaming.

    My girlfriend uses Mint with Gnome; she doesn’t really do much other than gaming and web browsing.

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