Oldest Animals Discovered in Namibia

A team of researchers based in Namibia, South Africa, Australia and the United Kingdom now report fossils from a Namibian deposit that seem to be animals and apparently date to about 760 million years ago. This extends the known time span of animals on the planet by about 17 percent….

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4 thoughts on “Oldest Animals Discovered in Namibia

  1. Thank you for posting this, I just found out the other day and it has been out there “forever”. The article and the editorial. Haven’t read it yet, but a scan says they claim finding literary thousands of those sponges mineralized “skeletons”.

    The interesting astrobiological bit so far is that they hypothesize these immobile predators scavenged and so buried floating organics of oceans and ushered in increased oxygen to _cause_ the snowball Earth some people have suspected caused complex multicellulars. Way to reverse the story!

  2. “Proponent of Evolution” aka Rob Hood @ 2:

    760 million years. That is hilarious.

    Not as funny as your idea that you can change your ‘nym and people won’t recognize your undertreated mental illness. “Secular depressives”? Really? Just go back to whining about “flouride” and HAARP, Rob.

  3. “In your face gayism” sounds fun. Where do I sign up?
    More importantly, can I send it to Rob along with a singing telegram?

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