Ruh Roh. A crazy nutbag is saying scary things to me. Again.

Climate change denialism has it’s Dave Mabus, and his name is Markus Fitzhenry. I just got this note slipped under my eDoor.

You made a big mistake, lying about me.


There is enlightenment coming, it will be a cleansing wind throughout academia. This is just the tip of an iceberg, that is going to sink, the titanic of AGW, and all those on board. They are of the dark ages.
Ask David Evans, see his expose at Jo Nova science blog (au). Go to Tallbloke (uk). Go to Judith Curry (com).
The greatest fear I have is polluted minds around me. What have we become, men, who give their minds to others for safekeeping. We should pity ourselves, as well as them.
My countrymen are in danger, we have never had such wide divides between us, it is threatening division and insurrection. It must stop. We are close to solving the mystery of climate, we have most of the pieces now, and great minds will complete the puzzle soon. The Greens are deluded, we will prove it.
I am but a troubador, with a spatha of iron will. By His grace.
Yours sincerely,
Markus Fitzhenry

Then following that there’s a bunch, like thousands of words, of “bla bla bla” including this little gem:

The troposphere is the condenser, the tropopause is the separation device and the stratosphere is the fridge cabinet of outgoing heat, cooling incoming rays, as they warm to the gravitational pressure of the atmosphere, after preceding through the thermostat of the mesospause, and then onto the thermostat of the tropopause, before again heating closer as pressure increases at the Earths’ surface, until the force of pressure on the thermodynamics of the enhanced potential energy completes the system back to the separation device of the tropopause.
I predict no warming by greenhouse, but certainty of cooling by refrigeration.
“Markus, you are but a troubadour, why do you think you can relate Philosophy to the Science of Physics?”
I can’t, but it seems, neither can they.

Whoa. And this:

By the knowing that I know, a proclamation is made.
Arrhenioushansenous has been slain, by the hand of a man.

You are now of ‘The Knowing’ He cannot be denied.
Yours Sincerely,

Markus Fitzhenry

Marcus, if you ever come to the US, let me know….

… I’ll make a few calls.

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15 thoughts on “Ruh Roh. A crazy nutbag is saying scary things to me. Again.

  1. So if I understood that second excerpt correctly, Mr. Fitzhenry thinks that the atmosphere acts like a refrigerator.


    He’s a few sandwiches short of a picnic, all right.

  2. Hi there,

    I just come across this guy, Markus Fitzhenry, on a blog a few hours ago, he is seriously nuts. The sad thing is in Australia we seem to be getting more and more of this Anti-intellectualism. It is fed by sections of the media who are rabidly right wing and believes being right wing means being anti science, anti environment.

    Anyway here is a sample of his work:

    “They should not call themselves a scientist, if they are so biased, that it completely blinds them to truth of fact. There is nothing to proselytise in science, nothing at all. They really are a disgrace to their profession. And right now I really don√Ę??t care if they end up being lampooned.
    They kept pushing crap into the face of my fellows, they will be held up to ridicule in front of their peers.
    There has been enough destruction in our society, over the rubbish the greens have been trying to push down our throats, and it is going to stop. They are delusional; they have harmed my countrymen greatly.
    You tell me what peace has been over our lands during the last 3 √Ę?? 4 years. One lesson that will be learned from all of this is the disgusting manner in which climate scientists appealed to authority as their reasoning. Academics my bum. Idiots that cause disquiet amongst men.
    I do not want children being taught incorrect paths of reasoning. Lefto academia, have infiltrated learning and they are the greatest pollution facing us. I want my brothers√Ę?? children, free of rhetoric.
    I want them taught to think for themselves, so they can solve the great mysteries of the universe, and have freedom of thought, to love mankind.
    Damn them, and their entitlement.”

    You can see the entire blog (about AGW) here:

  3. We’ll get you, Laden. When you least expect it. BAM! Depeche Mode music at Volume 30!!! That’s right! ahahahhaa!


  4. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has received emails and threats from Markus.

    Apparently he has emailed my bosses asking that I be sacked for supporting AGW.

  5. I just had my first run-in with Mr. Fitzhenry. He does seem to get around. I deleted a comment of his from my site [] and he e-mailed me directly and said, “Who do you think you are calling deranged, you sniveling little prick.”

    I take great exception to that, as I am of average height and haven’t sniveled in ages.

    The nerve of some people.

  6. I doubt he’ll get in. Truly, the guy is nuts and someone will have to commit him soon. I’m sure the feds have an eye on him.

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