14 thoughts on “Teen Drives Bus To Safety … But …

  1. I think I heard that they started praying for the bus driver, who died later in hospital.

    The lesson: Prayer heals like a placebo.

  2. Yeah… Clearly, kids’ lives are more valuable than the lives of adults, which is why they totally glossed over the fact that the bus driver died of his heart attack, mentioning it almost as an aside. The girl saved the kids by grabbing the wheel, but no one gave an aspirin to the bus driver*, and it was an afterthought to call 911 (even though you know a good chunk of the kids on that bus probably had cell phones). I mean, yay that she saved the kids, but… someone did die. And maybe that could’ve been prevented, too…

    *I acknowledge that a lot of schools have stringent rules about kids carrying any sort of drugs, even basic analgesics, so it’s probably relatively unlikely that any of the kids on the bus had aspirin, but there’s a chance the driver did.

  3. From the news article on this (since the firewall here won’t let the video through)…

    “I don’t think it was that heroic though. But it was a legit miracle,” Rumer tweeted Thursday. “God really protected us.”

    Yes, it was a miracle that broke the laws of nature that a human being assumed control of an unguided vehicle and prevented it from operating according the the whims of chance. Even when she’s the one that jumped up and took action, God is the one that saved everyone… except the driver…

  4. Yes, the girl showed some common sense, and yes, the driver should have been given an aspirin tablet – or maybe a nitroglycerin pill, and yes, yes, yes…

    But when did the driver last have a physical exam, including ekg????? Was he under a doctor’s care for hypertension? If not, why not?????

  5. They taught the kids drivers ed -great

    But why didn’t they teach them CPR and emergency first aid as well?

    Oh & yeah, pryaer not as efefctive as actually doing something although, in fairness, the driver might’ve died anyhow.

    Is that it Greg Laden?

  6. Aspirin is a preventative ting during a heart attack it would be worthless, especially knowing that fact that he died he was probably in v fib or worse. Oh yeah and with a bus roolling on its own if she were to have looked for a pill instead of controlling the bus maybe it could have plowed into a car with a young mother and her kids. As to the questions about the drivers health ,maybe there was no history of any heart disease. It does happen that people who THINK they are perfectly healthy can have a heart attack without warning. Instead of ripping on this girl how about you give her this on I agree she is not a hero but for a kid to keep their cool it is pretty amazing story.

    1. I don’t think anyone was trying to say the kid who grabbed the wheel was wrong; but there was a bus full of other high school students who could’ve pulled out their phones and dialed 911 earlier. Yes, obv still an amazing story.

  7. There’s certainly no reason to presume that a coronary artery obstruction would automatically cause v-fib or any other dysrhythmia. Also, aspirin is indeed indicated for acute MI. At any rate, it’s clear the prayers were entirely useless.

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