Strib Throws Bachmann Under Bus, But Occupy Loves Her

Or at least, they tried to move in with her!

Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann and her husband Marcus were ushered through a back door Saturday as several dozen Occupy Des Moines protesters descended on her suburban Urbandale headquarters chanting slogans and banging drums.

Urbandale Police said they made 10 arrests after a scuffle broke out between some of the protesters and members of Bachmann’s advance security detail.

Read the rest of that story here.

And, from the same source, we hear that Bachmann came in last in the recent Des Moines Regiser poll. But she didn’t. Huntsman came in last, and Michele came in second last, as previously discussed.

Be careful clicking on the Star Tribune links. Sometimes they come up with a video ad running, thus waking up the baby or startling the cat.

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One thought on “Strib Throws Bachmann Under Bus, But Occupy Loves Her

  1. WTF? Occupy Houston goes to congress members houses and offices and raises hell every couple of weeks. No arrests. I’m beginning to think our cops are awesome.

    But good for you Des Moines. Fight the power. And y’all got buses? Cool! All we got is a park and a house.

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