Here’s one for the MRA’s

Or, “The Ultimate Deer John Letter”

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5 Responses to Here’s one for the MRA’s

  1. danielrudolph says:

    Domestic battery is humorous when it’s novel.

  2. Wait, he was breaking into her house, she repelled him with the nearest object, and *she’s* facing charges? What about “My home is my castle” laws that let you shoot someone for knocking on your door, like that lost Japanese student in Florida, if you feel threatened?

  3. Greg Laden says:

    The second amendment does not cover the use of cervids.

  4. itzac says:

    It’s quite possible he still lived in the house, too. He would therefore still have a right to be on the premises.

  5. danielrudolph says:

    I’m reading it the same at itzac. In fact, here’s more coverage:

    He had as much right to be there as she did. I don’t think their plan to live together for the good of their daughter is working out,

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