How to swaddle a baby

Turn the blanket 45 degrees and fold down the farthest corner. Place baby with neck over the fold. Bring one side of the blanket across baby and tuck firmly in behind. Bring lower extension of blanket up over the baby, and tuck one side into the same side you tucked the other side into, firmly. Bring the opposite, remaining side of the blanket across the baby and tuck that in behind.

The result should look like this:

It helps to have water running in the background.

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5 thoughts on “How to swaddle a baby

  1. That’s how I used to do it with my three kids. I think it truly impressed my mother-in-law that a guy could wrap up a baby so well.

    It seemed to really relax them.

  2. My husband used to do this to our son, Ian (who is seven years old now). My husband deployed for a year tour to Iraq when Ian was 4 months old and when he came back Ian was about 18 months old. Ian got a bit cranky before bed,so my husband (completely forgetting, I suppose, that Ian was no longer a tiny infant) grabbed a blanket and started to wrap him up in. I just stood there as our soon gave him an odd look and then quickly thrust himself out of it.

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