7 thoughts on “If you eat a guava it could grow in your head

  1. When I was a kid I had some common misconceptions about the relationship between humans and the world. I mean the stuff they taught in Sunday school about people being wholly different from the world around us because we were God’s pets. To have considered this news item at that time would have seriously warped my worldview. A tree growing in a guy’s head just can’t be part of God’s plan!

  2. Cool! And this is doubly cool because someone stayed up all night making a highly accurate computer-animated video of the whole incident leading up to the single tiny photo at the end.

    When I was young(er) I read a story about a guy who crash-lands in some amazingly beautiful and remote valley. Lovely as his new home is, he finally decides he has to return to civilization (I’m thinking the US, but feel free to insert another country into the narrative here.)

    But that’s when the stately sages/evil lords of the hitherto peaceful valley admit that while he was unconscious after the plane crash, they surreptitiously placed the seeds of a special plant inside HIS BRAIN!! If he tries to leave the valley, the seeds will sprout and the plants will grow, killing him.

    He tries to resign himself to his new life in the peaceful valley, but he can’t shake the memories of his homeland. Finally, he makes a break for it! He travels day and night, hoping against hope that it was all a ruse, a ploy to keep him and the secret of the valley from the prying eyes of outsiders. But alas, just as he reaches the crest of the last valley before the road, and smells smoke from a fire… he becomes tired and sits down to rest. He feels the soft, dark tendrils of the roots pushing against the inside of his skull, and knows that he won’t be getting up again.

    Not much of a Christmas story, I suppose.

    Hey, did you read the one about the slugs?

  3. As a kid I feared having passion fruit seeds growing in my belly.
    In all honesty guavas are so delicious, and I now have access to them so rarely, that I’d having seeds sprouting all over me just to eat them as frequently as I did in my childhood.

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