Facebook has been hiding some of your important messages from you

This is actually outrageous. Some of your messages, perhaps many, have been hidden in a place you probably never thought to look. I just found out about it, and looked there, and in fact there were messages I needed to see. Facebook has majorly let me down with this cute little move of theirs.

The story about how bad this can get and how to find your hidden missives is HERE. Hat tip, Ana.

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3 thoughts on “Facebook has been hiding some of your important messages from you

  1. I’ve come to appreciate facebook as a clean place to communicate with just friends and family. No spam, no lists, no sales pitches, just friends and family.

    So to me this rationale for this update (preempting spam problems that might drive users away) makes sense. I also think it could have been handled a little differently. Inform me repeatedly and obtrusively that it’s going to take effect on a certain date. Give me another icon that is solely for “other” messages so I can keep an eye on it if I care about unsolicited messages from non-friends.

  2. I had two messages, one from 2007, one from 2009, wondering if I was such-and-such relation to so-and-so.

    Thanks for pointing this out.

  3. The whole rationale behind Facebook is the exploitation of its users. Of course Facebook wants to make itself useful as a way to suck in more victims, but the welfare of users is a secondary concern. Every “free” Internet service is a trade off – Google “gives” you email, but sells your eyeballs to advertisers, and so on. But I have always felt that the tradeoff with Facebook was so lop-sided that it wasn’t worth using, and Facebook keeps proving me right.

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