Michigan Schools Wont Get Pledge Bill Soon

And ottter matters…

The Michigan Legislature was going to consider a bill to force school children to recite a pledge of allegience to the world’s greatest symbol of freedom, and to force schools to display said symbol, the American Flag, or else, but somehow they lost track of the bill and will not be voting on it. I’m not sure what the children of Michigan are going to do in the mean time. Presumably, anarchy will ensue.

The measure passed the state Senate on Nov. 10 by a 31 to 5 margin. The bill now waits on a vote from the House, which has its last session of the year on Dec. 15.
Rep. Charles Brunner, D-Bay City, said he has not seen the bill on the agenda, but said he is in favor of the measures.

“Being a former school teacher and recognizing the importance of appreciating the country, I think those are very good things,” Brunner said.

“(It) just seems like there is something wrong about doing something that represents your town or country with something that doesn’t come from your country.”
Brunner said he supports the bill with the inclusion of an option of not saying the Pledge.

“If someone chooses not to do that, that is up to them,” Brunner said.

Not all community members believe the legislature should be devoting resources for this type of bill.

Ya think? In fact, if it was my community, I’d be Demanding that the Pledge of Allegiance Not Be Recited in our Local School

In the mean time, an increasing number of college basketball teams are now being forced to say the Pledge of Allegiance, in an effort to force a sense of freedom and justice on all. This is happening in Arkansas and Connecticut, two states that could not be more different.

And it isn’t just the teams that have to say it; Everybody at the game has to go along with this ritual. Way to force everyone into Zombie-like Compliance, basketball! I guess you weren’t doing anything else important!

Pledge. No longer just a furniture cleaner.

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5 thoughts on “Michigan Schools Wont Get Pledge Bill Soon

  1. Just like airport security theatre, where it’s more important that people feel safe than actually be safe.

    It’s more important that the people feel free, than to be free.

  2. I pledge allegience, to the flag of my country, and to the Republic for which it stands. One nation, with liberty and justice for all. The original pledge without the changes made by Congress.

  3. Gregory, there are many reasons to oppose this law ( eg. http://goo.gl/WTNsR ) however the constitutionality seems to not be so much of an option any more for several reasons. We have a law like this already in Minnesota, and no one seems to be challenging it. Apparently, telling kids that they can opt out if they want is all you need to do.

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