10 thoughts on “Herman Cain Likely to Pull Out of Presidential Race

  1. The Godfather of pizza spent too much time “laying down the salami”, so this will not be his first time “pulling out”.

    999 is one of the most regressive tax plans anyone has proposed in the last 50 years. It increases taxes on all but the most wealthy.

  2. newenglandbob, I remember reading that online several weeks ago, but when I mentioned it to my Father-in-law he retorted that that’s actually a gross distortion because the rich get so many tax breaks that they basically don’t pay any taxes at all now. I wasn’t sure how to reply.

  3. Independent analysis said his 999 plan would raise taxes for the lower 84% of people, including those who pay NO taxes now at the bottom end – they would start paying a national sales tax.

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