Poll on same sex marraige

The poll asks:

Do children need a mom and a dad? By encouraging men and women to marry, society helps ensure that children will be known by and cared for by their biological parents. Whenever a child is born, her mother will almost always be nearby. But the same cannot always be said of her father. Men, especially, are encouraged to take responsibility for their children through the institution of marriage. Marriage is society’s mechanism of increasing the likelihood that children will be born and raised by the two people responsible for bringing them into the world – their mother and father. Do you agree? Take this urgent poll right now.

In other words, are you for or against same sex marriage in Minnesota, where there is currently an important court case and an upcoming ballot box issue? The poll is worded in a funny way. If you answer “yes” you are throwing your lot in with the bigots. If you answer “no” you are saying same-sex marriage or other family types are OK and should not be made illegal. But the way they word it, it makes it seem like “no” is the “I Hate Children” vote.

Express your opinion here.

And it would seem that they don’t really give you the poll results anywhere.

While we are on the topic of same sex marriage in Minnesota, see this.

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8 thoughts on “Poll on same sex marraige

  1. And I hope you filled out the form with some bullshit then went and read August Berkshire’s update on our legal battle with them!

    You can also give Minnesota Atheists money for their legal fund.

    Of course, this matters more for those who live in Minnesota. We hope to be the tipping point state over the next year.

  2. wait… the grandmother of the newborn is always there but the grandfather isn’t? Are there no males born in fundyland? Do only girls need both a mom and a dad?

    The language of the “question” leaves me confuzzled.

  3. I don’t always agree with Dan Savage but he regularly posts stories on SLOG with the title, “Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father”

    Producing offspring in no way makes you fit to be a parent. Homophobes just choose to ignore all the craptacular parenting that happens every day by married straight parents and dismiss any good parenting done by people who do not fit their ideal.

  4. Children need parents who will love them. Preferably at least two. They may be their biological parents; it is more convenient in a lot of ways if that is the case and if they are married to one another, but the emotional relationship is far more important than the biological one. I’ve known enough people raised by their grandparents, aunts, uncles, gay couples, step-parents, adoptive parents, etc to know that some things are a lot more important than who donated which half of the DNA and whether or not the people raising them are married to one another.

    Really, the fact that having married parents makes life easier for kids is an argument FOR gay marriage, not against it. In my opinion. Also a good argument for making it easier for unmarried parents. There are totally pointless obstacles out there.

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