Freethinkers Directory

Have you seen the Freethinkers Directory?

Supposedly, “Freethinkers Directory was created to give the skeptical person an easy way to come to their senses and join the community of reason. Please tell your local library that they should purchase this book or buy one and donate it to them. Just think of all the people who are searching for this information and can’t find it. Share the logic… Freethinkers Directory lists groups, organizations, stores, newspapers, magazines, publishers, blogs, podcasts, family services and more for atheists, agnostics, rationalists, naturalists, humanists and all freethinkers.

Is it any good? I’ve not seen it, but if it is good, it would be nice to tell people about it.

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7 thoughts on “Freethinkers Directory

  1. Interesting, hadn’t heard of them ( before. They have a few other books that have been available for a few months (this one just came out last week), that have a few reviews on Amazon.
    Atheists love God
    Humanists are Atheists and Freethinkers are too
    GOD doesn’t want you to be rich

    ‘Look Inside’ is probably going to be activated on Amazon for the new book soon so we can get an idea of what’s in it, it just takes a week or two to show up for a new book.

  2. I have my doubts. See HERE & look at the bottom of the page:

    I created AtheistSocial because I want to socialize with people who believe in life. I want to help people find dates and to start groups and support businesses that support us. I want people of freethought to band together to help free the masses from the scourge of supernaturalism. It doesn’t matter if you used to believe in rubbish, because NOW YOU KNOW WHAT LIFE IS WORTH, SO YOU LOOK FOR YOURS ON EARTH, AND NOW YOU SEE THE LIGHT, TO STAND UP AND LIVE YOUR LIFE!

    We work, we play, we laugh, we love, we have sex, we have children, we read books, we watch tv, we watch movies, we listen to music, we use the internet, we talk with friends, we shop, we go to shows, we vacation, we own homes, we own businesses, we invest, we die. That’s what life is all about, so just live your life – That’s my motto. And if you can dig it, then come join us on the only REAL social network site for atheists, humanists and freethinkers!

    Below that quote is a link to find out more about the author of the quote. When I clicked it I had to register. The registration asked for personal details [not optional] even though I clicked the box for my interest being business-related. I tried to opt out & got this:

    We’re Sorry
    Please enter your gender
    Please enter something for: Height
    Please select an option for: Ethnicity
    Please select an option for: Relationship Status
    Please enter something for: Job/Occupation
    Please enter something for: Favorite Things
    Please enter your country.

    I wasn’t prepared to do this to find the identity of the person behind the site.

    They are also selling a 46-page paperback on Amazon for… NINE DOLLARS

    I don’t trust the combination of dating site, inflated book prices, author anonymity & a donate button to boot!

  3. Turns out that huge portions of the “skeptical community” is a big virtual (or not) meat market.

    I suppose that is true of the various religious communities as well.

    Silly humans.

  4. I decided to check back today, and the ‘Look Inside’ feature is available now. My thoughts:

    The listings don’t have much detail (usually just a name and a URL, sometimes a brief description).
    The online-centric resources sections are just scratching the surface in what’s included (I listen to more podcasts than the dozen or so they have in there, for example).
    But the geographical groups/organizations sections look rather comprehensive, even for international groups whose sites are in other languages.

    This could be useful/interesting information for some people, but at $30 it seems kind of pricey to me for a book that’s only about 300 pages in which the formatting doesn’t fit very much information on each page (made worse by the fact that there is a large section of the lower part of every page devoted to advertising the AtheistSocial site – mentioning it a couple times in the beginning should’ve been sufficient to make readers aware of it).
    It would be more potentially interesting if the ads were removed, and either the formatting were condensed to fit into a smaller and thus lower-cost book, or there were more information included about each listing.

  5. This book showed up on the free Kindle ebooks list for today (the author released a Kindle version in January, regular price is $10):

    So if anyone happens to read this comment today, now’s the time to go grab it. 🙂 They might only leave it free for one day, or it might be free potentially as long as through Friday, I don’t know what the author’s plans are. Once it stops being free to everyone, it will be eligible for a monthly borrow to Prime members.

    I also see that the paperback’s price has been reduced, now $20 instead of the original $30.

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