2 thoughts on “Chinese Space Litter Threatens International Space Station

  1. Yikes!

    Actually there’s all too much space junk posing ever worse hazards up there in the Black. Its a growing problem and has been for some time. I expect we’ll hear (or maybe not hear after the first few) of many more such close encounters of the space garbage kind.

    China shooting that satellite apart really was a poorly thought out jerk move on their part. If there was any justice some of that debris would hit *their* new space station!

    Still looking on the bright side since the last couple of recent successful Soyuz rocket launches at least they’re not going to “de-crew” the International Space Station* as was originally feared after an unmanned Soyuz failure a monthor two ago.

    * Really wish they’d give the ISS a proper name. Sigh.

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