The line between life and not-life

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5 thoughts on “The line between life and not-life

  1. I feel like he oversold this quite a bit, calling whatever he was using “food” and calling division “replication” when there didn’t seem to be anything replicating. It’s definitely an interesting topic, but I wish he had been a little bit less sensationalist about it.

  2. Actually Andrea, when a cell divides that is replication. it literally makes a second set of cell parts and splits into two cells that each have as much stuff as the one cell they came from. I’m not a scientist, so I can’t explain it better, but I do remember that lecture in High School Biology. Cell division is pretty interesting.

  3. Andre Pineda @ 3–

    You appear to have rather low standards for what constitutes sensationalism.

    The only thing I found sensational was the fact that very simple molecules can display behavior. Using obscure terms instead of plain words like food and reproduction would, in my opinion, have been unnecessary obfuscation.

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