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“In God We Trust”

In God We Trust
This could be engraved on your local public school.

Have a look at the title of this post. Would you like to see this phrase engraved on the walls of public schools, other government buildings, and other such places? The US House is about to vote on a bill that would make that happen.

It is not much of a bill. It’s more like an unfunded mandate. But it’s not even much of a mandate. Really, it’s just a resolution, the sort of generally meaningless tings Congress passes all the time when has nothing important to do (which seems to be the case now, for some reason) and it says:

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Cain’s Sexual Harassment Problems

It does look like there may be something to the allegations, and there does seem to be some denial followed by backpedaling.

Herman Cain
Herman Cain

I would like to point out, however, that he was a male CEO, a person of power, wealth, and fame. This is often true of the men in the race, and in presidential races generally. When Norm Colemen was trying to get re-elected as Senator from Minnesota, very credible and verifiable details of his horrid “womanizing” (a term I never quite understood but whatever) behaviors came out, and no one noticed or cared or did anything about it except a few of us bloggers. It took years for the John Edwards thing to come out. As it were. Remember Gary Hart? Same thing.

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Advocates for gun control plan counterrally at ODU

A gun rights group that plans a rally this week on Old Dominion University’s campus will have some unwanted company when it gathers today on Kaufman Mall to push for less-restrictive weapons policies.

The group will be confronted by gun control advocates who said they’ve organized a counterdemonstration in support of a university proposal to ban concealed-weapon permit holders from bringing guns into school facilities.

“Decisions about campus safety should be made by administrators, faculty and students, not by extremists… who contribute nothing …