Gun Safety Below The Belt. As It Were.

Scicurious has the seminal blog post:

… This was a bunch of surgeons based out of Temple University in Philadelphia, examining gunshot wounds to the scrotum. It seems like this would be kind of a rare event, but in fact, over a 20 year period they had 97 total wounds, with an average of about 5 per year! That’s a lot of gunshots to the scrotum. I suppose that ANY gunshot wound to the scrotum might be considered “a lot”. …

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9 Responses to Gun Safety Below The Belt. As It Were.

  1. Azkyroth says:

    …and here I thought people holding the guns to their crotches and admiring the effect on the appearance of their shadows was just a hyperbolic metaphor.

  2. WMDKitty says:

    I’m sorry, but I have to do this.

    Heh heh, you said “seminal”.

  3. sithrazer says:

    Sounds like potential winners of a Darwin Award, assuming they all got that wound by sticking an unholstered firearm in the waistband of their pants, of course.

  4. Mr Ed says:

    Better the scrotum than the near by femoral artery. I’d rather be out of the gene pool than in a box.

    /as an aside I actually paid to be taken out of the gene pool.

  5. khan says:

    That was just one hospital?
    Wonder what nation wide statistics are.

  6. Scicurious says:

    Hehehehe. Seminal. HEHEHEHEHE.

  7. rturpin says:

    Greg, don’t you think they have suffered enough?

  8. Greg Laden says:

    Maybe in this case.

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