Gun Safety Below The Belt. As It Were.

Scicurious has the seminal blog post:

… This was a bunch of surgeons based out of Temple University in Philadelphia, examining gunshot wounds to the scrotum. It seems like this would be kind of a rare event, but in fact, over a 20 year period they had 97 total wounds, with an average of about 5 per year! That’s a lot of gunshots to the scrotum. I suppose that ANY gunshot wound to the scrotum might be considered “a lot”. …

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9 thoughts on “Gun Safety Below The Belt. As It Were.

  1. …and here I thought people holding the guns to their crotches and admiring the effect on the appearance of their shadows was just a hyperbolic metaphor.

  2. Sounds like potential winners of a Darwin Award, assuming they all got that wound by sticking an unholstered firearm in the waistband of their pants, of course.

  3. Better the scrotum than the near by femoral artery. I’d rather be out of the gene pool than in a box.

    /as an aside I actually paid to be taken out of the gene pool.

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