Ten places you are not allowed to visit


Bohemian Grove can’t be taht hard to get into if I know people who have been there. And i’m pretty sure I drove into Area 51 by accident once. Some funny little guy with a big head gave me directions back to town.

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2 thoughts on “Ten places you are not allowed to visit

  1. Jon Ronson infiltrated Bohemian Grove and lived to the the tale in Them: Adventures with Extremists. Best takedown of the Bilderburg conspiracy theorists ever. But the should have put Ft. Meade, Maryland on there, home of No Such Agency.

    I can personally testify that Andrews AFB, home of Air Force One, was easily infiltrated back during Operation Desert Shield. Friend of mine was an AF brat who told me we could see first run or early sub-run movies cheap at military bases. So we went to see Robocop 2 (terrible movie) at Andrews on a Sunday night. He then took us on a driving tour of Andrews. There were huge numbers of civilian airliners chaotically parked. Most of them had their logos painted over. These were planes charted by the DoD to fly troops to Saudi. We got out alive because the driver had an expired parking sticker for an AFB in Missouri and a military dependent health care ID card.

    Interesting thing is I later had a relationship with someone who was a flight attendant on these charters. She said one day the whole crew was spooked by a weird noise. When the did an inspection before flying back to the US from Saudi, they noticed shrapnel holes. They must have been hit by a SAM that self destructed as it reached the limits of its range.

  2. We used to drive past Menwith Hill (the giant golf balls) all the time when we were visiting my grandparents. Of course you’re not allowed to visit, but no more than any other US airforce base in the UK.

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