One thought on “Snarky Fox News Vs. Civil Right Loving State Senator

  1. Not that many arrests In Houston except when there was an attempt to block entrances at the Leeland Federal building. There was one peaceful eviction where the occupiers left Hermann Square to make way for a previously scheduled event. Occupy moved to Tinsley Park, which is really just a huge flood control pit west of Downtown, and to Tranquility Park, an awesome monument to the Moon Landings.

    There will be a “corporate show of horrors” haunted house in Tranquility Park Saturday night and a reading of poems and scary stories Sunday night. I might be doing a reading Sunday night. I will defer to those with original content, but if the stream runs dry I’ll do my dramatic reading of Oliver Sachs “The Man who Fell out of Bed.”

    But crap may go down next week. Eviction from Tranquility is on the agenda. I don’t think they’ll actually do it. Houston has a weird election system where city elections cannot happen at the same time as national elections or state elections. Candidates cannot declare party affiliation and there are no ticket votes. Gotta win a majority or go to a runoff. Those elections are held on Saturday mornings in December. rouse your possee and you’re in. That’s how we got to be the largest city in the world with a gay mayor. Parker will surely become mayor again, but I wanna see Amy Price, the green candidate win an at large seat.

    Price will surely get to the runoff, we get the possee, she wins. I used to hate the greens. I saw two teens today with Rage Against the Machine shirts and I wanted to punch them, but I think Price is the way to go.

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