3 thoughts on “Air-filled diaper saves baby after Florida car crash

  1. To whom it may concern. A climate scientist, “peer reviewed and published in the finest journals “* using the name Skip on “scienceblogs” has, since I was banned from other “scienceblogs” sites has commented on mine in a fact free, ad hom filled manner. Having given him repeated opportunities to discuss facts (& lets be fair given him endless opportunities to show publicly the behaviour to be expected of climate “scientists” I have eventually said I will bar comments consisting of ad homs.

    In a display of the state of mind of climate “scientists” he has said that such censorship probes me a Nazi (in an equal display of the level of integrity of such “scientists” he actively does not describe all the other “sciencebloggers” as “Nazis” though they censor purely for producing inconvenient facts.

    He now promises to pursue me to any blog I comment on – though it is likely the only one he knows is “scienceblogs”. In one sense I, of course, welcome any such person willing to repeatedly and publicly demonstrate what is, if not the pinnacle of honesty to which any climate “scientist” ever aspires, certainly a degree of obscenity and dishonesty to which not a single one of them ever in any way demurs.

    Thus should any “scienceblogger” ever decide they will relax their policy of total censorship of anybody who politely counters their claims with factts will find Skip on there calling me a “Nazi” for censoring only ad homs and obscenities. The irony of this will presumably be wholly lost on all those “sciencebloggers” censoring to promte thwe cattastrophic warming fraud.

    I, of course, will and need say nothing rude about him or any climate “scientist” and certainly will not suggest they are all Nazis – with such as him around there seems no need.

    *While we have all met people on blogs who claim obviously false credentials he went to some lengths to prove he was such, including naming several others who could vouch for him, none of whom demurred, so I am forced to accept his credentials though the idea of a “scientist” depending on ad homs and obscenities and abjuring facts is counterintuitive

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