The Scientist is Dead

The magazine:

Biomedical researchers have lost a respected source of information–and science journalists have lost yet another publication for which they can write–with the news that The Scientist will stop publishing immediately. The news comes just after the magazine celebrated its 25th anniversary with a special issue.

Wow, that was unexpected. In a totally expected sort of way. Story here.

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One thought on “The Scientist is Dead

  1. I wonder how much this means for Open Access journals, since the ‘new’ owner was all about that. He says that their big problem is that they were dependant on page-advertisements, I wonder if he just gave up on it because he thinks its a failed model, a priori anyway?
    And to be clear I am pretty much blindly speculating here, not knowing much about the issue.

    Its also interesting that one of the comments in the article was ‘I would’ve bought 3 years of subscriptions to this magazine had I known it was in trouble, I was waiting for an iPad version’. News Flash, /every/ piece of print media is teetering on the edge, if you’ve ever wanted it, /now/ is the time to start supporting it.

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