Are you Mars-curious?

i-20fe73fa25842b5bfc98f5b991899ce4-6a00d8341bf67c53ef0153922165b5970b-800wi-thumb-250x202-69764.jpgCuriosity is a new Mars Rover that looks like a UFO when it’s all folded up in its space-pod, but looks like a Transformer when it is deployed.

The space travelling robot has been folded up and sealed into its anti-germ container (to avoid letting germs out into the Martian ecosystem, the rover is sterilized and sealed up) in preparation for its launch, which is coming up soon.

i-97d84faef372912eae1f64b5944ea79a-559441main_curiosity_946-710-thumb-250x187-69766.jpgAccording to NASA, Launch Window opens at 10:21 EST on November 25th. Arrival at the planet Mars is expected in August, 2012 .

The main thing this robot is curious about is the presence of microbial life, past or present, on the red planet.

You can keep track of Mars rover missions on the NASA web site, here

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2 thoughts on “Are you Mars-curious?

  1. maybe a lot of ufo sightings have been testings of NASA Mars craft (not to mention other ‘secret’ military type craft?)

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