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  1. More and more. Out here in BC there are bear and cougar sightings in Greater Vancouver on a regular basis. In Victoria they’ve had 4 confirmed cougar sightings in the past week. One, which has been in that area for several weeks now, is about a mile (if that) from the Inner Harbour, which is the center of downtown tourist action. (Actually in the early 1990s a cougar ended up cornered in the parking garage of the Empress hotel right on the Inner Harbour.)

    More of them, we’ve moving out into their territory. More sightings. Sometimes problems too; be careful with children esp. in areas with bears and cougars.

  2. Saying that bears won’t eat you or your pets is not the same as saying they’re not dangerous. A few years ago, my poorly-trained border collie saw a black bear cub crossing one of our fields. She went nuts and gave chase. I feel sure that if the mama bear had been paying attention, my dog would have been a gonner.

    Bears, cougars, and other wild critters are predictable only up to a point. You can’t know if they are simply having a bad day, and will vent at you.

  3. I agree with John – we may not be high on their menu, but bears attack (and occasionally nom the human victim). I suspect they also tend to attack more the further north you go as food becomes harder to get. I’ve never been too worried about black bears, but I have no experience with the brown bears and that may be the sole reason why I have a habit of thinking “I wouldn’t want to see a grizzly in the wild”.

  4. Not long ago here in Washington state, some were surprised to see a black bear in a development near an area called “Bear Creek”.
    Duh. Competition for space and resources says it all.

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