Bachmann Damaged Her Credibility with Anti-Vax Remark

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8 Responses to Bachmann Damaged Her Credibility with Anti-Vax Remark

  1. Randomfactor says:

    It damaged her WHAT, now?

  2. azkyroth says:

    I’m suddenly reminded of Al Capone being nailed for tax evasion.

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  4. DLC says:

    The problem I have with this post is, Bachmann never really had any credibility.

  5. Greg Laden says:

    Yeah yeah, I had a second part of this in mind …. something about how there was no credibility to begin with, etc. etc. like you guys are saying, but Huxley is sick and he’s been in a bad mood and it is hard to think when you’re being screamed at by a 20 month old.

  6. AndrewD says:


    Normally you do not expect to have a rational discussion with a sick 20 month old child, what is Bachmann’s excuse?

  7. lordshipmayhem says:

    Aside from her alleged credibility, can we say that Bachmann was talking to her own mother when the claim of mental retardation was made?

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