4 thoughts on “I am Troy Davis

  1. For what it’s worth, I did sign online petitions and got put on hold ten minutes when I called the phone number, at which point I gave up. I guess I’m just enured to all this since I moved back to Texas in 1994. I live in the criminal court jurisdiction that has sent more to death row than any other jurisdiction. But that’s not so bad when you consider that we have over 4 million people an are the second largest jurisdiction in the US. Still, you get used to this sort of thing.

    Love the video. Just from a PR point of view they should have gotten a white juror to do the interview clip. White privilege counts for something, black folks should use that to their advantage. Alas, maybe they tried to find some white folks, but none came forward in time.

    It’s time to put the death penalty up for the death penalty. If Perry gets nominated, this could happen. We almost hung this on W back in 2000, and we can hang it on Perry in 2012. The Willingham case could be Perry’s downfall, and could lead to a productive debate about the death penalty.

    I highly recommend watching the Death By Fire Frontline program.

    Texas is burning with drought. Forest fires spread when they never spread before. Millie Bush dog park burned down. Oh yeah, that was arson, but the Bush dog park is in the Addicks Dam levee system. It usually fills up with water a few times a year and is pretty much a swamp. But it hasn’t filled up in about a year and the water oaks are dry, so the fire spread. Why doesn’t some alleged prophet say Texas burns because Willingham was falsely accused of burning his children? It would be so Biblical to do so.

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