Eleanor Mondale has died

Our own Eleanor Mondale has died, at the age of 51, of brain cancer.

She was the daughter of Vice President Walter Mondale, and a fellow citizen of Minneapolis.

From the Strib:

Her brain cancer was diagnosed in June 2005, after she suffered a seizure that May. Doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester found two tumors in her brain. With radiation, chemotherapy and surgery, her cancer was twice diminished. But a routine checkup in January 2008 found another tumor. In September 2010, she said that a new form of chemotherapy appeared to be shrinking the tumor, but that she knew nothing was guaranteed and she was “too tired all the time” to return to her job as co-host of WCCO Radio’s “Mondale and Jones” show with cohost Susie Jones.

In June 2005, Mondale married Minneapolis musician Chan Poling, a founding member of The Suburbs. Previously, she was briefly married to Keith Van Horne, formerly of the Chicago Bears, and WLOL DJ Greg Thunder (Greg Malban).

She and Poling shared their secluded Prior Lake farmstead with a cockatoo, two dogs, three chickens, two barn cats, five mini-horses and one mini-donkey.

The rest is here.

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2 thoughts on “Eleanor Mondale has died

  1. That is very sad. I would have voted for her dad when he ran for president, had I been 3 months older (and legally able to do so..) 🙁 My condolences to her family, and friends.

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