Misha Glenny: Hire the hackers!

Despite multibillion-dollar investments in cybersecurity, one of its root problems has been largely ignored: who are the people who write malicious code? Underworld investigator Misha Glenny profiles several convicted coders from around the world and reaches a startling conclusion.

Is he using the word “hackers” correctly? And, for those who do write malicious code like that stuff that ruins your computer, isn’t firm punishment or waterboarding or something more appropriate than giving them a reward?

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One thought on “Misha Glenny: Hire the hackers!

  1. “She”?

    Also – I’d argue that the appropriate response to serious drug abusers is to offer medical (and possibly psychiatric) help. That’s what’ll actually help people in the long run. Isn’t this situation at least a little analogous?

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